March 19, 2013

The past two days have been crazy and quite adventurous.  Yesterday (Monday) I took off from Lexington, KY and barely arrived in time to make my connecting flight in Chicago.  After landing in NJ, I met up with Chrissy and Mr. Hamby and we spent some time catching up before boarding our last flight to London.  We touched down at the London Heathrow airport at 7:30 a.m. (3:30 a.m. EST!), gathered up our carry-on luggage, and made it through customs in about 5 minutes.  My suitcase was left behind in NJ, but the man at the baggage claim desk assured me that United would deliver it to my hotel as soon as it arrived in London.

Due to a major miscommunication regarding flights, Mr. Hamby, Chrissy, and I were not able to meet up with the rest of our Lamplighter team (Mr. Hurley, Mr. Fornof, Beecher, and Emily) until almost four hours after our arrival in London.  We assumed that Emily and Mr. Fornof were lost somewhere in the Heathrow airport, and so………..Mr. Hamby disappeared (for what seemed like an eternity) in search of our team.  We later learned that they were under the impression that we had been delayed and decided it wasn’t necessary to look for us.  After a joyful and relieving reunion, we headed off to the underground station (commonly called the tube) in search of our hotel.

The tube alone has been one of my favorite London adventures.  I’ve traveled on it close to fifteen times today and have loved every minute of it.

We stopped off at the hotel just long enough to deposit our luggage and freshen up a bit.  We had worked up quite an appetite and so our next destination was FOOD………ahhhhhhh!………..The Castle, a quaint, classy London pub where we enjoyed a most delicious lunch.   I ordered a burger and fries (I mean chips).

What happened after lunch was probably my favorite part of the day.  Mr. Hurley and Mr. Fornof took Emily, Chrissy, and I on a lovely tour of London.  Our first stop was Westminster Abbey.  We attended a beautiful half-hour service honoring St. Joseph.  The massive building and stunning architecture, coupled with the gifted group of British choirboys providing special music, took my breath away.  We stood right under Big Ben as he mournfully gonged six-o’-clock, and briefly glimpsed the London Eye.  We will be taking a more complete bus tour of London on Sunday after church at St. Paul’s Cathedral.

Next, our group explored Harrod’s, a huge and beautiful mall in London.  Different themes from various cultures around the world were woven into each room of the building.  Chinese characters adorned the walls of the gourmet food area, while ancient-looking Egyptian hieroglyphics were carved into the pillars.  The gourmet foods and candies were magnificent and it was fun to wind through the tempting displays.

Throughout the tour, I really enjoyed getting to know the team better.  I also loved the many laughs and uproariously funny jokes we shared along the way.  We finished up our tour at a nice little panini restaurant and then took the tube back to our hotel.

Surviving our first full day in London on about an hour of sleep was a miracle in itself.  I am a bit apprehensive about my suitcase, which wasn’t delivered today as promised.  I pray it shows up early tomorrow morning.

Tomorrow is going to be our first full day at Soundhouse Studios.  I am so thrilled about the recordings, especially since Mr. Hamby informed me that my three favorite voice actors will be at the studio this week: Stuart Pendred, Susie Brann, and Peter Moreton.  It will be exhilarating to start work tomorrow.


My lovely family and I at the airport.

North Acton was the name of the town where we stayed in London.

Westminster Abbey

Big Ben

The London Eye


Hello, my name is Hannah and I’m from Kentucky.

My interest in the London trip was first piqued at the 2012 Lamplighter Guild when Mr. Hamby revealed that Lamplighter would soon be recording their two newest audio dramas at Soundhouse Studios. A group of five to seven students would be allowed to accompany the Lamplighter team and provide their assistance during the recording sessions. I knew immediately that I wanted to be a part of this incredible opportunity. God graciously answered my prayers and has provided everything I need to travel to London with the team.

It will be thrilling to witness these dramas come together to impact others for the Kingdom of God.  

I am so looking forward to watching and learning from the voice actors at the studio and touring the city of London. This is sure to be an awe-inspiring adventure!